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Sometimes an idea comes about in the most unusual way.

Not strong enough for a much-needed kidney transplant, the daughter half of the Derbylou Designs partnership was faced with limited activities, all but confined to home and on daily dialysis. As with any chronic illness, there were good days and bad days for the 22-year-old, who had lived with kidney disease her entire life. Almost always in good spirits even in the toughest times, she welcomed creative outlets that would capture her interest and keep her mind occupied while she worked at getting her body stronger.

Needing to oversee her daughter's care, the mother half of the Derbylou Designs partnership cut back on volunteer activities that required her to leave the house but was still able to continue with small jobs she did from home. While she found these opportunities fulfilling, she needed to find a meaningful source to satisfy her creative energy and offer her and her daughter a purposeful diversion from the day to day medical issues they often faced.

And then there was the question of what to do for the metal turkeys on the front porch.

Decorated each October in witches' garb and afterward with scarves and hats for the winter months, the three metal turkey sculptures on the family's front porch lacked any spring time attire. Options were plentiful for Halloween outfits and winter wear was easily fashioned from wine bottle decorations. But Easter bonnets or Derby hats were just not to be found in party or novelty shops for metal turkey head size. Even a Barbie doll's vast collection had nothing to offer.

Suddenly the endless possibilities were imagined and an idea was born.

Derbylou Designs creations celebrate spring's beauty in Louisville, the excitement of the Kentucky Derby and the wonderful hats adorned by the women who attend the world renowned horse race. The collection of one of a kind colorful art pieces includes hat and fascinator brooches, boutonnieres and beautiful horse shoe wreaths for the home in two sizes.

Now everyone can wear the hat, even if they don't go to the event. Even three metal turkeys on the front porch.

A tribute:

Her inspiration continues!

Joan Lambert McPhee.


Aunt Joanie! Here, pictured on the official Kentucky Derby website under their "Fashion Through the Decades" feature.

Always intrigued and wondrously intriguing, she was (and still is) such an inspiration to so many, including Derbylou Designs!

One of a Kind Art Pieces

inspired by Louisville & the Kentucky Derby

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