Hat & Fascinator Bases

The sinamay hat bases used for the brooches are craft quality and come in two sizes: 

Small - 3 inch and

Large - 4 inch.

The sinamay fascinator bases used for the brooches are milliner quality and are approximately 2.5 inches.

The felt hat bases used for the boutonnieres are an open crown fedora style that come in two sizes: 

 Small - 2 inch and

 Large - 3.5 x 4 inch.

Finished Size


Depending on adornments, once the bases are embellished, each piece varies in size when finished.

What is Sinamay?

Sinamay is a strong fiber made from the stalks of the abaca tree grown in the Philippines. It's tightly woven into a material considered three times stronger than cotton or silk and can hold a firm shape once formed.

Sinamay is used to create hats and hat bases all over the world.

How strong are Derbylou Designs brooches & boutonnieres?

The flowers and embellishments on each piece are hand-stitched tightly to the base and lightly glued in some places as added security. Each piece is gently shock-tested for loose parts and reinforced if needed.


Wreaths are available in two sizes: Small - 20 x 21 inches and Large - 26 x 28 inches. Sizes are approximate.

Wreaths can be propped up on a shelf or windowsill or hung using the acrylic line provided.

Long lasting wreaths are wrapped in burlap and faux ivy and adorned with beautiful faux florals.


Wreaths are intended for indoors or areas protected from extreme outdoor elements. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Are Derbylou Designs pieces weatherproof?

While the brooches have been gently spritzed with water to check for color bleed, they are created using delicate and dyed materials and not all pieces can be guaranteed color safe if exposed to extreme moisture.

All Derbylou Designs art pieces should be protected from extreme conditions.

What to do with all that mesh?

Some brooches are designed with long mesh pieces that can be down-sized by tucking them into the hat's crown. To bring the brooch back to a more dramatic size, pull the mesh out, lightly wet it with your hand or spritz with water and gently pull it through your hands to remove wrinkles. Squeeze out moisture using a towel and pull the mesh taut.

One of a Kind Art Pieces

inspired by Louisville & the Kentucky Derby

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